Publishing Services

If you've read through all of our books and would like some help bringing your own story to life, Phoenix Jones Publishing can help.

Ghostwriting Services

Have an idea?

Ghostwriting services will write your concept, as you see it, to completion. Once the manuscript is complete, feel free to publish it yourself or shop it around to other publishers.

Novelty Document Creation

Creation & Document Editing

Have a project you need to film? Do you have to host a training event where you lack materials? If it’s ever been printed on paper, it can be created or duplicated for whatever you need it for.

ISBN & Copyright

All the Codes

Your book has to be identified to booksellers and libraries. It also needs to be protected against people stealing your words, or saying that you stole theirs.
An ISBN will be purchased and assigned to your manuscript.

Design & Format

Cover & Interior Book Design

Get help creating the book of your dreams, front to back, and everything in between. The entire book will be formatted for ebook and print distribution.

Promotional Materials

Show Off to the World

You’re going to need images and videos to advertise and market your published work of art. There are different promotional plans available that will supply you with plenty of images and other promotional.