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Storms of Love Series: Book 1: Looks Like Snow

June 13, 2021

With a name like Snow and skin the color of gingerbread, Snow Singer always enjoyed making a great first impression. Little did she know, she'd leave a lasting one with Ranger Horton. From strangers to lovers, Snow never saw it coming. When Ranger's new hire shows up, her title says intern, her confidence reads management, and her strut says F*CK ME. A power struggle and a race to see which CEO comes out on top.

Storms of Love Series: Book 2: A Chance of Reign

June 13, 2021

Elise Hanley never wanted to see him again, not after what they did to her family. With a broken heart, she set out to make herself into a woman who didn't need love, didn't need a man; a woman who didn't need Reign to shine. Reign Shaw, billionaire playboy, never quite felt the same after walking away from the love of his life. Choosing his family's legacy didn't seem like it came with any other option. So he buried a side of himself he never wanted to see again and Elise along with it.